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About DCLA

Welcome to DCLA!

This page gives you the most important information about joining DCLA and the contact details for more information.

DCLA is the Athletics club of Leuven and gives the opportunity to everyone starting from the age of 7 years old to practice the track and field sports.

The training groups and training hours are depending on the age group you are in.

For the next athletics year (october 2022-september 2023), these are the age group categories per birth year:

2015 + 2014    BENJAMIN
2013 + 2012    PUPIL
2011 + 2010    MINIEM
2009 + 2008  CADET
2007 + 2006  SCHOL
2005 + 2004  JUNIOR
2003 ...            SENIOR

Information about subscription and tarifs can be found in Dutch on the following page.

For information in English:
For the BEN/PUP/MIN/CAD/SCHOL, please contact jeugd@dcla.be before the end of August 2022.
For the other age groups, please contact ledenadministratie@dcla.be.

Below some more contact details:

Person of thrust: vertrouwenspersoon@dcla.be

Page with all collaborators of DCLA: Daring Club Leuven Atletiek (DCLA): Over DCLA > Medewerkers

DCLA clothing shop responsible: erika.deraeve@telenet.be

Webmaster: webmaster@dcla.be